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About Eurointelligence

www.eurointelligence.com is a specialist internet-based service for economic news and analysis of the euro area. With our flagship product, Eurointelligence Professional, we offer a filtered and time-saving way to access highly specialist information from international and national information sources. We also provide our own comments and analysis, and try to do so with a dose of humour. Without it, the eurozone would be hard to bear at the moment.

What has always distinguished our approach since our start in late 2006 is the eurozone-specific viewpoint. What motivated us at the time, and still does, was the predominantly national viewpoint in the national media. The outbreak of the eurozone crisis has led to a large increase in news coverage, but in a mostly biased way where the national viewpoint has become even more extreme.

We cover the politics, economics, and finance of the eurozone. But there are also subjects we do not cover. We do not cover the European Union as such. For example, we do not cover the EU budget, which has no macroeconomic relevance for the eurozone, and which is over-covered in all national newspapers anyway. We are not covering trade. In the past, we did not cover financial regulation either. But this has been changing as the eurozone is developing into a banking union, or as the eurozone is making use of the Lisbon Treaty’s enhanced co-operation procedure. We have stepped up our coverage of this important area, and expect to extend it further as the banking union becomes a reality. We also cover global economic and financial events to the extent that they relate to the eurozone.

It is also our mission to contribute to the education about eurozone economics. In particular we support schools and universities who would like to use our briefings in classwork. For further information, please contact us.