The New Eurointelligence Webpage

Welcome to Eurointelligence Professional. As you can see when you are reading this, we have opted for a much different appearance, both online and in the email versions, to do justice to the large increase in the news and the comments. What used to be our Daily Morning Newsbriefing is now called Eurointelligence Professional. We complete the briefing daily at around 9am CET.


A new layout to cope with our increased content

Our upgraded website allows us to expand our coverage into new areas, such as financial regulation, and it gives much better navigation. It also includes a much better separation between our summaries and our comments, which from now appeared indented with a blue font.


Better time-saving navigation

We believe that from now it will be a much better experience for all readers to access the Eurointelligence Briefing through the web. If you visit the website directly, please make sure that you are logged in. Otherwise you can click on the headline of the email, on the logo, or on “web version” to access the briefing. When you use the service for the first time, you may be asked to enter your login coordinates.


Mobile optimisation

As an increasing number of readers are accessing the information through a mobile device, we have optimised our service for mobile use – offering collapsible headlines, which offer much improved navigation. If you are reading this message in an email on a touch-sensitive mobile device, you might want to press the main headline, the logo, or the ‘Web Version’ symbol at the top to get to the new mobile site. If necessary, please log in. There, you just press on the headline, and the story unfolds. Press again, it folds back.


Ability to comment on and share individual articles

On our web pages, we now list each entry as a separate story, which allows you to comment on stories, and share them, directly. The separation also offers much improved search functionality. To be able to comment, you will first need to go through a very simple first time registration process by clicking on “Profile for reader comments” at the top of the home page. This is only used to register you as eligible for comments. It is separate from the subscription status. The new layout also allows you to share individual items through different channels.


Our versions

In addition to the professional version, there will also be a basic version, geared at a non-professional reader, which contains a small subset of the stories, essentially of more general interest. If you are logged in as a subscriber, you are on the professional website.


And finally…

We hope that today’s relaunch proceeds smoothly. If not, please bear with us, as we are trying to fix the problems. You may find that the website is a little slower than usual. This is an initial safety precaution to ensure that all processes work smoothly. We expect to return back to full speed later in the week.

Please let us know what you think.

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