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the number of Spanish migrants into Germany doubles to 9000 in the last year;
  • small-scale programs to bring workers from Spain to Germany are being tried;



Flow of Spanish workers to Germany intensifies

Spiegel writes that immigration from Spain to Germany grew from about 6000 to 9000 in the previous year of a pilot program by the Chamber of Crafts of Munich and Upper Bavaria aiming to "address the shortage of medium-skilled specialised workers" among German SMEs. Perhaps stereotypically, Spiegel's story opens with a young Spanish construction worker with no German, originally a welder in shipbuilding, one of 11 people involved in the pilot program. The Spiegel story points out the parallels with the 1960s 'guest worker' program, but also the differences. Officials are aware that Germany assumed that the Gastarbeiter would not stay long-term and would eventually return to their home countries, which didn't happen. Today's programs are more focused on integration, including language classes ad help navigating day-to-day bureaucratic hurdles in a new country.

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