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Greek government’s plan for ‘social dividend’ from primary surplus is out with figures and deadline, including €20m for citizens without healthcare coverage;



    Greek ‘social dividend’ distribution plan is out

    The Greek government has now decided how to use the 2013 primary surplus to pay out as a ‘social dividend’ of €525m to be distributed by May 9. Here is the list, as provided by Kathimerini:


    • Services that house and feed the homeless will get €20m;
    • Some 350,000-400,000 citizens without social security will get healthcare coverage worth a total of €20m. They include the long-term unemployed who aren’t covered by any funds, uninsured senior citizens, professionals who are not working and are not covered by their fund, and professionals who are active and suffer from chronic health problems or owe money to their fund.
    • Those who lost their jobs last year will collect €20m euros.
    • Between 68,000 and 70,000 members of the military and police force will receive €35m. The income limit for recipients will be €1500-€1550 per month, while the one-off benefit handed out will amount to about €500 per person.
    • The remaining €430m will go to vulnerable social groups, such as those on low salaries and pensions. The general income ceiling for a citizen to qualify for the one-off benefit will start at €4000 per year and go up to €10000-€11000, depending on the number of children the recipient has. 
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