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Irish prime minister confirmed exit date from bailout on December 15 and said Ireland may not need precautionary credit line;



    Ireland confirmed exit bailout mid-December this year

    Enda Kenny told his Fine Gael party that Ireland will exit the bailout in mid-December and may do so without a precautionary credit line from the EU, Reuters reports. Kenny said earlier that he expected to comfortably beat EU deficit targets next year.

    Refusing to take a precautionary credit line would block Ireland from accessing the OMT programme but also avoid further conditions and monitoring.  "Two years ago, I addressed the Irish people and said that I wanted to be the taoiseach who would retrieve our economic sovereignty and independence," said Kenny, "This goal is now within our grasp." Left-leaning opposition party Sinn Fein criticized Kenny as celebrating prematurely and said he was out of touch by suggesting that the austerity of the past three years was working for Ireland.

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