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Italy launches the Constitutional reforms’ bill with an 18-month deadline;
  • Marcello Sorgi says the real priority should be to fix SME access to credit, not political reform;



Italy launches Constitutional reforms’ bill

The Italian cabinet has launched the bill setting out procedures to reform the Italian constitution. As La Stampa reports, Enrico Letta confirmed the 18-month deadline for the reform, which will be aided by a group of 35 'wise men,' including former finance ministers, economists and political scientists. The bill includes a new electoral law, cut of the number of MPs, and a new status for the Senate.

According to La Stampa’ Marcello Sorgi, constitutional reform should not be the priority, while the lack of liquidity of Italian SMEs and the rise of youth unemployment are much more urgent issues. In addition, it is not even clear that there is a majority for the approval of the bill. Sorgi writes Letta government is too dependent on Silvio Berlusconi, who could pull the plug in any moment. 

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