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Slovenia’s PM Alenka Bratušek lost party leadership in vote against its founder Zoran Jankovic;
  • new elections likely, as the three coalition parties threaten to quit government if Jankovic takes over as PM, while Bratušek would be seriously weakened if she decides to stay as PM;
  • analysts expect process to stall reform efforts;



Slovenia in full blown government crisis

Slovenia faces a full-fledged government crisis after Alenka Bratušek failed to win a vote for party leadership of her “Positive Slovenia party” on Saturday against party founder and Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Jankovic. The party's three coalition partners have threatened to quit the government if Jankovic returns as PM, they would otherwise lose their credibility after having him dethroned only last year. Jankovic pleaded for Bratušek to stay as a prime minister but without the backing of her own party she will lack "equal footing" with her coalition partners, she said at the party congress. She will inform the public of her decision on Tuesday, after meeting with her cabinet.

So it looks like the country is heading towards new elections, with the coalition parties most likely to lose votes. But a decision for new elections could drag on for weeks. If Bratušek resigns, Slovenia’s president Borut Pahor, the political parties and parliamentary members will try to agree a new candidate for prime minister, a process likely to take several weeks and expected to end in failure. Only then can a new election be scheduled, writes the FT. Analysts expect elections would stall key reforms which were designed to reduce the budget deficit to 4.2% of GDP.

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