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Is Tsipras going to use Russian sanctions as bargaining chip?

  • The Tsipras administration got off to a robust start - with a firm commitment towards a pro-Putin stance, and criticism of the EU's policy on Russia;
  • Macropolis writes that this could end up in a shift towards Russia or at least a leverage in talks with the eurozone;
  • One of the first economic policy decisions was stopping the planned privatisation of the Piraeus Port Authority;
  • also in the pipeline is legislation to increase the minimum wage by 30%, and to bring back collective wage bargaining;
  • the new 41 member strong Greek government, sworn in yesterday, includes Yanis Varoufakis as finance minister, Yannis Dragasakis as deputy prime minister, and Giorgos Stathakis as head of the enlarged economics ministry;
  • nominations for justice and anti-corruption ministries were well received as a strong sign of crackdowns on corruption;
  • Klaus Kleingut writes that Tsipras' greatest challenge will be to hold his party together whilst steering towards a compromise with EU lenders;

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