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Mário Soares calls on Portugal’s government and president to resign

  • Mário Soares predicts Portugal to decline into violence if the Portuguese government and the president are not to resign;

Further News

  • The rumours have been making the rounds for some time, but the German constitutional court yesterday officially confirmed that it won’t rule on the SSM/OMT until next year. There has been some speculation in Germany whether this delay is due to the wish by the court to have a government in place when it announces its verdict. It is our understanding that the court is finding the legal arguments more difficult than it had expected originally.
  • A group of academic economists write to the Guardian, backing students’ protest against intellectual monoculture of neo-classical economics teaching;
  • UK academics join students in protest against intellectual monoculture teaching and for more diversity in the curriculum;
  • Álvaro de Vasconcelos says the re-nationalisation of the crisis led people perceive Europe as a zero-sum game, giving rise to populisim and xenophobia;
  • Die Welt, meanwhile, reports that Daniele Nouy is a menance to the euro on the grounds that she is French.