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Starmer is right that the UK will not return to the EU in his lifetime, but for the wrong reasons.

08 July 2024

How likely is a Brexit reversal?

The west's hypocrisy is on show after the decision by the ICC prosecutor to go after Benjamin Netanyahu

29 May 2024

A court for Africans only

The media and the students are on opposite sides for the first time. The result is that students no longer read what we do.

21 May 2024

The students and us

Spain's political culture is more toxic than elsewhere. Here is an attempt to trace the historical origins.

14 May 2024

Where the hate comes from

The money is there, it is earning interest, and it is awfully tempting. Yet, the raid on Russian reserves is wrong.

07 May 2024

Raiding Russia's Reserves

Olaf Scholz thinks that Germany can preserve its special relationship with China. He has not thought this through.

30 April 2024

Friends with China

The US has agreed what could be its final support package for Ukraine. It's over to us.

26 April 2024

Ukraine is Europe's problem now 

More formidable people than Giorgia Meloni have tried to change the EU from within. They all failed.

16 April 2024

Where Meloni will fail

The SPD used to define itself in terms of the German-Russian relationship. Now what?

09 April 2024

We have to talk about the SPD

The German recession will end soon, but structurally weak growth will persist.

26 March 2024

Why Germany declines

When countries are divided, talk about strategic ambiguity will be interpreted as a bluff.

19 March 2024

The limits of strategic ambiguity

Olaf Scholz is turning his reluctance on Ukraine into his main re-election campaign theme.

12 March 2024

Back to scholzing

Ursula von der Leyen will have to bend over backwards to get sufficient support for a second term.

06 March 2024

Von der Leyen, 2.0

It is time for a strategic rethink on Ukraine. Total victory is no longer a realistic goal

29 February 2024

On second-best outcomes

With the return of austerity to Europe, financial aid for Ukraine is now competing with green investments

20 February 2024

Guns or Trees or Factories

The German government is a crisis - the chancellor's leadership style is not helping, but it is not the cause.

13 February 2024

Fall and decline of Olaf Scholz 

Demonstrations against the far-right an an exercise in virtue signalling.

06 February 2024

Solve the Problem

The EU should focus on its long-term interests, and not obsess about the US.

30 January 2024

If Trump wins, then what?

One of the many ailments of the west is a generalised attention-deficit hyper-activity disorder that has swept into politics.

23 January 2024

Why the West is in decline

There will be no Nexit under Wilders, but he will oppose the most important things the EU does.

05 December 2023

The Wilders effect