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Who we are and what we offer

www.eurointelligence.com is a specialist service for news and analysis of the EU and eurozone. With our flagship product, Eurointelligence Professional, we offer filtered and time-saving access to important information from a wide network of national and international sources. No media outlet offers comparable coverage. We also provide our own expert commentary and analysis, and try to do so with a dose of humour. Without it, the eurozone would be hard to bear.

We cover politics, economics and finance. What has distinguished our approach since we started in 2006 is the eurozone-specific viewpoint. We see the eurozone as the core of a future political union. The recent introduction of a recovery fund was sold as a step in that direction, but we see the fund as insufficient and misdirected.

When we started, we focused on the eurozone specifically, but our interest has since widened to aspects we consider relevant for a future political union, including the EU's geopolitical role and trade policy. 

It is also our mission to contribute to education about the EU and its institutions. In particular we support schools and universities that would like to use our briefings in classwork. For further information, please contact us.