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With inflation - as with Brexit - policy advocacy of the left no longer works for the constituency of the left

19 May 2023

Taking back control - inflation edition

The west is at risk of winning the battle over Ukraine, but losing the bigger confrontation against China.

12 May 2023

The other war

The dollar is the unchallenged global currency, for good reason. There are circumstances where that might change.

05 May 2023

Exorbitant, not much longer

Europe's centrist parties have entered a period of secular decline.

29 April 2023

Will the centre hold in Europe?

Europe cannot afford to align itself with the US on China. It would be economic catastrophic, and politically unsustainable.

21 April 2023

Macron was right

Germany has taken over the UK's role as the leader of the EU's awkward squad

01 April 2023

Germany - the EU's unreliable member

The eurozone's next debt crisis is more likely to be a German than an Italian one.

24 March 2023

A cascade of falling zombies

There are three parallels to the 1970s, but one crucial difference that swings the balance.

10 March 2023

Worse than the 1970s

The fundamental weakness of the western position is lack of an agreed war goal in Ukraine. This will come to haunt us.

03 March 2023

Prepare for disappointment

While Giorgia Meloni claims she wants her country to stay in the eurozone, its deep economic problems might pull her in another direction.

24 February 2023

Should we really not worry about Giorgia Meloni?

The EU has changed since Brexit. For those in the UK who wanted to rejoin, this poses big problems.

19 February 2023

Can the UK rejoin the EU?

The trade figures don't tell us the whole story. De-globalisation is happening because geopolitics is intruding.

12 February 2023

De-globalisation is happening

Rishi Sunak should not make promises about inflation. There is no scenario in which it works for him politically.

06 February 2023

When a banker runs a country

Despite the U-turn on the Leopard 2 battle tanks, Olaf Scholz will continue to play the same, reluctant role in the western alliance as he did before.

29 January 2023

Germany, isolated once more

Macroeconomics is in decline - both as an academic discipline, and as a power behind political decisions.

22 January 2023

The golden age macroeconomics has ended

Germany's economic policy of the last decade holds an important lesson: that the unsustainable does not become sustainable all by itself

16 January 2023

A German cautionary tale for Britain

Rejoin should not start where Remain stopped. Here is my advice on how to get a new campaign started.

11 December 2022

How to rejoin the EU

About cognitive biases and fallacies and how to fight them

04 December 2022

Do we fear that Musk fails? Or that he succeeds?

The EU is confused about strategic autonomy, because the concept is alien to its political culture. Here is what it would take

27 November 2022

Strategic autonomy, how it's done

Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng went overboard in ignoring the markets, but doing the very opposite is the bigger error.

20 November 2022

Austerity is back