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The worst way to deal with populists is to demonise them and to isolate them. This is how political centrism will die.

19 September 2023

How not to deal with the populists

Twenty years ago, economists were the stars of public policy. That is no longer so.

12 September 2023

Economics is broken

The confrontation between Finland and Russia during World War II offers a glimpse of how the Ukraine war might end.

05 September 2023

When the winter comes

Without fundamental reform to the way the EU works, Ukraine cannot become a member

23 July 2023

Making promises we can't keep

If the EU sticks to its fiscal rules, it won't have enough money for its geopolitical ambitions.

10 July 2023

Austerity is back

How wishful thinking is dominating western commentary about Russia and Ukraine

03 July 2023

Beware of wishful thinking

In politics interests should determine our relationships, not the other way round. This is especially true for the EU-UK and the transatlantic relationships.

16 June 2023

Relationship muddle

Germany's recession is not your run-of-the-mill economic downturn.

09 June 2023


Never have the Greens been more powerful. Now the backlash starts in earnest.

02 June 2023

Not so Green anymore

Industries that have left, won't easily come up. The west's strategy of re-industrialisation is unlikely to work.

26 May 2023

Don't re-industrialise. Forge alliances.

With inflation - as with Brexit - policy advocacy of the left no longer works for the constituency of the left

19 May 2023

Taking back control - inflation edition

The west is at risk of winning the battle over Ukraine, but losing the bigger confrontation against China.

12 May 2023

The other war

The dollar is the unchallenged global currency, for good reason. There are circumstances where that might change.

05 May 2023

Exorbitant, not much longer

Europe's centrist parties have entered a period of secular decline.

29 April 2023

Will the centre hold in Europe?

Europe cannot afford to align itself with the US on China. It would be economic catastrophic, and politically unsustainable.

21 April 2023

Macron was right

Germany has taken over the UK's role as the leader of the EU's awkward squad

01 April 2023

Germany - the EU's unreliable member

The eurozone's next debt crisis is more likely to be a German than an Italian one.

24 March 2023

A cascade of falling zombies

There are three parallels to the 1970s, but one crucial difference that swings the balance.

10 March 2023

Worse than the 1970s

The fundamental weakness of the western position is lack of an agreed war goal in Ukraine. This will come to haunt us.

03 March 2023

Prepare for disappointment

While Giorgia Meloni claims she wants her country to stay in the eurozone, its deep economic problems might pull her in another direction.

24 February 2023

Should we really not worry about Giorgia Meloni?