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18 June 2021

What Greens should focus on

Why co-opting industry into the Green agenda is a mistake.

12 June 2021

Forever blowing bubbles

The Glorious Green Revolution in Germany is most likely postponed.

05 June 2021

Should we worry about inflation?

The answer is No. But it is not the entire answer.

29 May 2021

Unintended consequence of sanctions

Economic sanctions against Belarus will work only if extended to Russia. Otherwise, they will have the opposite effect.

21 May 2021

What happened to the Fourth Estate?

It is still there. But fading.

14 May 2021

Dedicated followers of fashion

The biggest inflation risk is not an overshooting economy, but an overshooting central banker

08 May 2021

Why pundits get it wrong

The left-right-centre model of political analysis has long ceased to be useful

01 May 2021

How not to think about Karlsruhe

Here is my guide on how to misread the German constitutional court.

25 April 2021

Mind the gap

The Suwalki gap along the Polish-Lithuanian border constitutes a source of potential military conflict.

16 April 2021

So much for the Brexit scare stories

Apart from a short-lived disruption of trade flows Brexit has been a macroeconomic non-event.

10 April 2021

The dictator and us

The real scandal is not sofagate, but a feckless foreign policy.

27 March 2021

How we lost the narrative

By allowing English to become its lingua franca, the EU has lost control of the narrative. Time for some changes.

20 March 2021

Risks and side effects of coordination

The crisis of Europe is not one of integration, but of co-ordination.

13 March 2021

What we mean by green

The EU puts too much emphasis on climate targets, and not enough on investments.

06 March 2021

What happened to Germany?

The pandemic has exposed two German myths: of competency and superiority.

28 February 2021

Unspoken issues of Scotland's departure

The row between Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon could derail Scottish independence. The politics of independence is more finely balanced than opinion polls currently suggest.

20 February 2021

Beware of vaccine elitism

What happened in Germany last week is that people started to treat vaccines as a private good. They want this one, not the other one.

12 February 2021

Le bitcoin - c'est une monnaie

Bitcoin will not replace existing money, but it will constrain the scope of governments and central banks.

07 February 2021

Show me the money

Mario Draghi constitutes an irresistible proposition for Italians. But not for long.

29 January 2021


The European Union used to do a few things well. Now it does a lot of things badly.

23 January 2021

Our worst policy error

With its disastrous vaccine procurement policy, the EU committed the ultimate mistake: it has given people a rational reason to oppose European integration.

17 January 2021

Laschet’s Germany

Europe needs a CDU leader who is not beholden to a 20th century industrial model. Armin Laschet, the new CDU chairman, is not that man.

08 January 2021

Define Strategy

Europeans often confuse strategic goals with commercial gain. Maximising your trade surplus is not a strategy.

02 January 2021

Moving On

The UK needs to move on from Brexit. But so does the EU.

19 December 2020

Why inflation will rise

Inflation forecasts won't get any better, but what will change this decade is inflation itself: a secular shift lies ahead