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Olaf Scholz' visit to China is most notable for its desperation - the attempt to cling on to an industrial past

06 November 2022

Is this a man you can trust?

Western proxy wars against Russia and China and the war to limit greenhouse gas emissions cannot be all be won simultaneously.

30 October 2022

A battle won, a war lost

The US, China, Germany, the UK and Russia have one thing in common: they all need a new economic model.

23 October 2022

When the unsustainable ends

The Tories have a lost more than their credibility. They may have lost Brexit.

15 October 2022

The next U-turn

Vladimir Putin is more likely to hit a nuclear power station or trigger a dirty bomb than a order the use of a tactical nuclear weapon.

09 October 2022

What if this happens?

The biggest danger to European integration are old stories we believe in and that do not stand the test of time.

02 October 2022

Euro tales we tell each other

It is not possible to assess the probability of a nuclear war, based on the information we have now.

25 September 2022

What are the odds?

The bigger danger is not what Giorgia Meloni will do to the EU, but what the EU will do to her.

18 September 2022

What to worry about and what not

One of the future power configurations in German politics, the Jamaica Coalition, is no longer feasible.

11 September 2022

Scholz did something clever

Europe maybe at the beginning of an unusually severe recession, one that won't auto-reverse

04 September 2022

The trend is a curve, not a line

In truth, the euro area's sovereign debt crisis never ended. We just chose to look the other way.

16 July 2022

Return of the euro crisis

Boris Johnson's departure is ultimately about Brexit, but this will not become clear for a while.

10 July 2022

When Boris goes...

Germany is fretting about a cold winter as Vladimir Putin may be about to unleash his strongest weapon yet.

26 June 2022

Goodbye Gazprom

The ECB is intent to resist market pressure to bail out governments. But it may struggle.

19 June 2022

How to resist fiscal dominance

Part of the cryptoverse is a bubble. But not all of it.

12 June 2022

When it’s not Ponzi

This column makes the unfashionable case for a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine

29 May 2022

Let diplomacy do its job

The world's economic inter-dependencies are manifold and mutual. Sanctions have large network effects.

22 May 2022

The West and the rest

UK media and think tanks still dominate the debate about future European integration. That will not always be so.

15 May 2022

When Brits explain the EU to us

The EU's oil sanctions provide an incentive for Vladimir Putin to cut off gas supplies. Are we ready for this?

08 May 2022

What if Putin cuts the gas?

Germany's corporatist model was reliant for its survival on cosy relations with Russia. Now what?

01 May 2022

Networks of resistance